Primeval Stress Less Injector 30ml

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A "one-shot" dose for a quick treatment of stress!
Injector of 10 ml

What does PrimeVal StressLess offer horse and rider?
It goes without saying that you want the very best for your horse. Its health and wellbeing are therefore of prime importance. Nowadays, we ask much more of our horses and they are increasingly being exposed to stressful situations. Competition horses compete at a multitude of different venues, which means they need to be transported, but young horses too can experience stressful situations.

For instance, a horse can experience stress when being broken in or trimmed, or when visiting the farrier or vet. Some horses are more sensitive to stress than other horses. High levels of stress have a negative effect on a horse’s health and wellbeing and therefore need to be avoided wherever possible. In addition, it is a disheartening situation for you when your horse underachieves due to stress, or when your horse is exposed to too much stress.

Thanks to the PrimeVal StressLess Injector, you can now tackle stress quickly. It is a 100% natural calming food supplement. The calming herbs combined with a number of essential amino acids help to relieve tension and stress, without affecting your horse’s alertness. This means your horse won’t become drowsy and can therefore continue to perform at the highest level. You will also be able to keep riding it. Your horse will remain calm and concentrated. The PrimeVal StressLess Injector will allow your horse to relax and cope with otherwise stressful situations.

herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Recommended daily dosis:
for the treatment of acute stress, administer the entire content of the injector at the back of the horse’s tongue (450 – 600 kg). For ponies, administer half a syringe. Turn the dosage ring to half way down the rod to measure the right amount.
Do this one hour before the stressful situation. Make sure the horse swallows all of the contents. Tickling the throat may help.

Store cool and dry.

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