Cavalor - An Energy Boost 6x 60g

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Cavalor Energy Boost

Cavalor An Energy Boost has been developed to give the horse an extra boost and important nutrients before, during and after strenuous efforts. When Cavalor An Energy Boost is administered before a strenuous effort, this will give the horse high-quality nutrients and it will contribute to a better performance. The horse will get a supply of energy in the form of highly available carbohydrates. During heavy exertion, your horse's glucose level can decrease drastically with detrimental consequences for athletic performance. To ensure that the horse has an optimal glucose level before the start of the event, it is recommended that you administer Cavalor An Energy Boost just before the event (half an hour before the event at the earliest). In addition, Cavalor An Energy Boost provides minerals, vitamins and substrates that are important for muscle activity. Cavalor An Energy Boost can also contribute to a quick recovery after a competition or a strenuous effort.


Cavalor An Energy Boost is usually administered before or during a competition or stressful situation. Administration is easy: apply the paste to the back of the tongue using a syringe. Cavalor An Energy Boost does not contain any ingredients that are prohibited in competition.


  • Ponies and recreation horses: 1/2 tube
  • Competition horses: 1 tube half an hour before an/or immediately after the performance
  • Maximum dosage: 3 syringes daily.


 6 tubes of 60g  in a box.


Cavalor An Energy Boost contains electrolytes such as sodium and potassium, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and C), minerals (calcium, and phosphorus), amino acids and glucose with a complete and quick absorption (within 10 minutes) to prevent the horse from running out of energy.

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