Skin and hair

The main building blocks are hoof horn :: sulfur, biotin, zinc, and DL-methionine. These can be found in the products we can offer.

• To regulate and stabilize the keratineaanmaak for hooves, skin and hair
• In order to optimize the structure and the density of the growing horn
• To improve the elasticity and firmness of the hoof horn
• To solve damage to hoof, skin and hair, caused by nutritional deficiencies

Also in case of navicular disease, the right dietary supplements can help. Navicular disease is a type of arthritis, an excessive wear of the back side of the radius bone and the deep digital flexor tendon which runs over it.

Because the flexor tendon rubs by excessive wear directly on the bone there is a chronic inflammation, an inflammation that is painful and that, if the cause of the wear is not resolved, ultimately leads to destruction of the navicular.