Cavalor Arti Matrix

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Cavalor Arti Matrix

Cavalor Arti Matrix is suitable for (competition) horses that deliver intensive work. It contributes to improved functioning of your horse's entire musculoskeletal system. The horse's musculoskeletal system depends on the supply of the right nutrients. These nutrients promote the production and regeneration of cells, synovial fluid and functionality. Insufficient supply, absorption or synthesis of these nutrients leads to problems and may worsen existing problems. Cavalor Arti Matrix is an animal food supplement for horses based on natural raw materials. The composition is based on the horse's increased need for specific and mainly effective nutrients for the joints and the musculoskeletal system. Cavalor Arti Matrix quickly and effectively provides for the increased nutritional requirements of the horse. Can also be used long-term.


  • Ponies and recreation horses
  • 30 g daily (2 pouches)
  • Competition horses: 45 g daily (3 pouches) - min. 4 weeks


Packaging: box of 1350 g (90 pouches) and bucket of 2 or 5 kg.

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