Cavalor Bronchix Pure

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Cavalor Bronchix Pure

Cavalor Bronchix Pure is a herbal mix that soothes and clears the respiratory tract. Irritation to the respiratory tract and lung problems can be caused by numerous things, such as a dusty environment, colds, bacterial or viral infections and asthma. These problems can have a serious effect on your horse's condition and fitness, so it is very important to fight them effectively as soon as you can. Cavalor Bronchix Pure soothes, frees airways and increases your horses resistance.

Key features

  • Lessens irritation and loosens slime.
  • Purifies the lungs and strengthens the natural immune system.


50g per day per horse, for 40 days.


1,000g bucket.


Wheat bran, plant extracts (parsley, nettle, liquorice, fennel).

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