Cavalor Electroliq Balance

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Cavalor Electroliq Balance

Cavalor Electroliq Balance is a liquid mixture of electrolytes and vitamins that are easily absorbed, and increase the level of fitness and speeds up recovery in horses. Cavalor Electrolyte Balance is also available in powder form. During extreme physical exertion, heavy work or high temperatures electrolytes are lost through excessive sweating. It is recommended to give your horse these electrolytes within an hour after exertion, for an optimal recovery process. Please note, the horse should have continuous access to plenty of drinking water.

Key Features

One of the main advantages of Cavalor Electroliq Balance is its taste. The mixture is so tasty that it is readily accepted by horses. The fact that this supplement is liquid ensures an equal distribution in the feed so that nothing is left behind.


  • Ponies and recreation horses: 30ml per day before or after intense sweating
  • Sport horses: 50ml per day, before or after sweating


Bottles of 1000ml and 5000ml.


Cavalor Electroliq Balance contains sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, fructose and dextrose. Current research has shown that the horse may benefit from the presence of fructose. Fructose may promote the absorption and mobilisation of electrolytes. An apple flavor that horses find delicious is also added to stimulate appetite.

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