Cavalor Nutri Grow 5KG

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Cavalor Nutri Grow contains all the vitamins and minerals foals, young horses and pregnant or lactating mares will
require for optimal development.
When broodmares and horses spend a lot of time on rich pastures in the growth phase, they are already getting enough
energy and protein from this ration. However, there are insufficient vitamins and minerals in this diet. Cavalor Nutri
Grow was formulated to supplement precisely these shortages in young horses and mares from the 7th month of
gestation in a balanced mix. Yucca extract stimulates the absorption of vitamins and minerals. Macronutrients (Ca, P
and Mg) and trace elements (Cu, Zn, Mn) are offered in a highly absorbable form and in the right proportions to support
the development of a strong and healthy locomotor system. By compressing the vitamins and minerals separately from
the trace elements into two different granules, stability is guaranteed, and nutritional value is retained.


• Foals and ponies: 100 g/day
• Young horses: 150 g/day
• Pregnant (final 5 months) or lactating mares: 200 g/day
1 measuring scoop = 100 g; maximum per horse: 400 g/day
TIP: if the horse is receiving more than 1.5 kg of concentrated feed
per day, halve the dosage.
TIP: Cavalor Nutri Grow is a highly concentrated source of vitamins
and minerals, so that only a small daily dose is needed. If horses
do not absorb this properly, it is advisable to mix it with a little
concentrated feed.

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