Cavalor Resist Vit C

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Cavalor Resist + Vit. C

Cavalor Resist helps strengthen the immune system, increase resistance to infection and keep your horse fit. The more a stress a horse endures, for example during the competition season, frequent transport and staying in unfamiliar surroundings, the more its resistance decreases. This makes horses more susceptible to infection. Cavalor Resist strengthens preventative resistance to these infections, but can also be used during the recovery period. Cavalor Resist contains nutrients that are necessary for building and protecting the immune system.


  • Competition horses: 30 - 50g / per animal per day
  • Ponies and recreation horses: 25g / per animal per day
  • Maximum dosage: 102g / per animal per day


Cavalor Resist contains fatty acids, high levels of vitamin C, added vitamins, herbs and nucleotides. Cavalor Resist is enriched with isolated whey protein, a compound with immunity stimulating properties.

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