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As a dietary supplement, MEGA BASE is tailored to the physiological needs of the horse.

Mineral complementary feed for horses containing vitamins, trace elements, and amino acids for daily basic care in breeding and sport.

Usage: High-quality basic care that compensates for deficiencies in basic nutrition such as hay, oats, etc.

Young horses: Optimizes development.

Breeding and sport horses: Provides for increased needs during pregnancy, lactation, breeding, and intensive athletic performances.

1 kg contains: calcium 9.9%, sodium 4.7%, phosphorus 1.9%, magnesium 0.15%, vitamin A 300,000 IU, vitamin D3 2,000 IU, vitamin E 4,000 mg, zinc 4,000 mg, copper 250 mg, selenium 9 mg, vitamin C 9,900 mg.

3,000 g: up to 100 days 10,000 g: up to 333 days

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