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NAF Magic Liquid is a liquid magnesium sedative with herbs and nutrients for horse and pony
This combination helps relax muscle tissue and supports concentration. Magnesium is an essential nutrient for a horse's well-being and regulates nervous tension. Magnesium therefore also acts on muscle tension. When magnesium levels are too low, a horse can show this muscle tension, it is then a 'tight' appearance in its manner and it shows irritability or a lack of confidence. Low magnesium levels can be caused by inadequate pasture composition or simply by the horse's own individual metabolism. Magnesium in the blood can also be reduced by regular travel and competitive pressure. Magic also contains a blend of traditional herbs known to be able to boost confidence and concentration. Magic's unique supportive blend of magnesium and herbs helps the horse tackle whatever is asked calmly and confidently.
Benefits of NAF Magic Liquid Horse
Rich in magnesium.
Has a calming effect.
Improves self-confidence and concentration.
Reduces muscle tension.
Unique combination of herbs.
Suitable for
Horses and ponies.
Suggested use
Always have plenty of clean and fresh drinking water available.
Add to the daily feed.
Shake well before use.

High dose (3-10 days): 50 ml per day.
Maintenance dosage: 25 ml

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