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Support the development of the muscles of your (young) horse or pony with NAF M Power. This complementary feed is rich in amino acids, which are important for healthy muscle tissue growth. NAF M Power also contains natural antioxidants. Together with the herbs in this supplement, these contribute to supple and healthy muscle function. Live yeasts and other nutrients in M Power help optimise digestion and muscle building. NAF M Power is suitable, among other things, for young, growing horses, a horse that is being picked up again after standing still for a longer period of time or for horses where there are signs of muscle tissue breakdown. This supplement is also suitable for sport horses; when administered daily, it helps to support strength, stamina and suppleness.


You can add NAF M Power daily to your horse or pony's ration. It is important that this supplement is used alongside a regular and balanced training schedule to achieve the best results. Once you have used this supplement for at least 4 weeks, you can reassess the muscle condition. One jar of 900 grams at a dosage of 30 grams is sufficient for approximately 30 days.


Quantity of NAF M Power

Horse 30 grams (3 scoops)
Pony 20 grams (2 scoops)

900 grams or 2.7 kg

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