Metazone Liquid

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NAF Metazone Liquid
NAF Metazone Liquid has been specially developed to support the body's own defences in horses and ponies. It contains a blend of ingredients that help in the natural recovery of the body and contributes to the comfort of your horse or pony. Metazone Liquid is effective without disrupting digestion. This supplement can be used for joints, muscles, ligaments, hooves and tendons as well as to support the skin.

Metazone Liquid is safe to use during competitions, no waiting period is required.

Supports the body's own defence system
Contributes to recovery when a quick boost is needed
Safe for everyday use
Supports keeping fit during periods of heavy exertion
Can be combined with our other NAF products
To be used for
Support of hooves, muscles and tendons
Sensitive airways
Reduced performance
Support of the natural recovery process
Peak load recovery
Administration and dosage
Metazone liquid can easily be given by mouth or over feed. NAF Metazone is also available in paste.


High dosage in case of heavy strain: 60 - 90 ml per day
Maintenance dosage: 30 ml per day

High loading dose: 45 - 60 ml per day
Maintenance dosage: 15 - 30 ml per day
1 litre or 5 litres

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