Pavo BiotinForte 3KG

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About Pavo BiotinForte

The outside of the hoof consists of horn, the same material our nails are made of.  A healthy growth of horn comes from within and the body needs building blocks for that. Problems with brittle hooves, cracks or a poor horn quality? Support your horse with Pavo BiotinForte!

The function of Pavo BiotinForte

Pavo BiotinForte contains biotin (vitamin B8), copper, zinc and essential amino acids to support an optimum horn quality. Research has shown that a proper combination of these substances is more effective than just a high dose of biotin. In Pavo BiotinForte these ratios are perfectly balanced, so you give your horse optimum support with just a single product. An extra benefit is the positive effect on the quality of the coat, as hair is built from the same building blocks as horn. Your horse’s coat will get a stunning shine. Vitamin B8 is required for the development and maintenance of structures and connective tissues in the body that need to stretch and withstand a lot of pressure. Therefore Pavo BiotinForte also offers building blocks for the joints and arteries. Pavo BiotinForte does not contain wheat, so this supplement is also suitable for horses that are sensitive to gluten.

Pavo BiotinForte is available in a 3 kg bucket with sealable lid.

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