Pavo Condition Big Box 725 kg

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About Pavo Condition

Pavo Condition has been renewed! At Pavo, we are committed to continuous innovation by launching new products on the market as well as continuously developing our current products. As a result of a survey carried out amongst users of Pavo Condition, our most popular pellet has been renewed according to the latest insights and wishes of our clients. We have added more structure and fibres and decreased the sugar and starch content. In addition, the new Pavo Condition contains all the vitamins horses need and the formula is oat-free. 

Curious about the exact changes? Then view the old and new composition of Pavo Condition next to each other.

High-fibre maintenance pellet for all horses

Pavo Condition is the ideal high-fibre maintenance pellet for horses and ponies in light work. Pavo Condition is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals and by giving Pavo Condition you ensure that your horse receives all the nutrients it needs for light work or when you have just started training. Naturally, carefully composed according to the most recent scientific findings. Pavo Condition meets all the daily requirements regarding vitamins and minerals, has a high content of easily digestible fibres and a decreased sugar and starch content, which results in an excellent, non-excitable feed for leisure horses and ponies or those that compete at a lower level. Pavo Condition is free of oats, which also makes it suitable for horses that easily become hot from oats.


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