Pavo El'yte 3KG

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About Pavo E'lyte

When a horse sweats, it loses not only moisture, but also body minerals such as sodium, potassium, chlorine, calcium and magnesium. These substances play an essential role in the muscle metabolism and are called electrolytes. If the lost electrolytes are not replenished, the stamina will decrease. In case of significant deficiencies dehydration and colic can occur. If a horse is unable to perform well due to lack of stamina, or it feels listless, it might be necessary to replenish electrolytes.

Pavo E’lyte: complete electrolyte supplement

Pavo E’lyte is an electrolyte supplement and contains all necessary body minerals. Especially the ratios are important for a proper replenishment. Pavo E’lyte also contains extra magnesium because a horse loses this mineral when it sweats and the role of magnesium in the body processes should not be underestimated. Many other electrolytes do not contain magnesium, or only a bare minimum of this substance. The product does not contain wheat products, so it is also suitable for a gluten-free diet.

Replenishing electrolytes in summer and winter time

A horse does not only sweat during the summer when it is warm. In wintertime, after a high-intensity training session or competition, it can also be necessary to replenish electrolytes. When horses are clipped, as a result of which the sweat dries quicker, it may appear as if they do not sweat a lot. Make sure that these horses get sufficient electrolytes. Listlessness is an crucial sign of deficiencies.

Feeding advice Pavo E’lyte

Horses often need to get used to the taste of electrolytes. Start with a small quantity and slowly increase the amount. Mix Pavo E’lyte with the feed. For fussy eaters, adding apple sauce or apple juice might help. Alternatively, you can mix the electrolytes with apple sauce and give it with a clean de-worming tube.

 Available in a 3 kg bucket with sealable lid. 

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