Pavo Fertile 3KG

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About Pavo Fertile

Do you want to breed from your mare? Not all mares get pregnant easily. Sometimes they will not show clear signs of heat, as a result of which it is difficult to decide what the best time would be to inseminate or cover the mare.

Pavo Fertile improves fertility

Pavo Fertile provides all the support needed to improve a mare’s fertility. The composition is specially made to activate the cycle and it contains all substances that are essential for the development of a healthy follicle. Especially developed for mares that do not show their heat well.

Pavo Fertile has a high content of vitamin E, vitamin C and vitamin B11 (folic acid) which is very important for fertility. Additionally, it contains beta-carotene, as well as with the micro minerals copper, zinc and manganese. As a result, all body processes of a mare before and during fertilization are optimally stimulated. Pavo Fertile does not contain wheat, so this supplement is also suitable for horses that are sensitive to gluten.

Available in a 3 kg bucket with sealable lid.

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