Pavo HealthBoost 8KG

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About Pavo HealthBoost

Do you feel that the immunity of your horse is not what it should be? Has it been sick, or has its condition weakened, for instance due to age? Is or was your horse suffering from diarrhoea, or do you notice a dribble of moisture after defecating because its digestive system does not process its feed completely? Then Pavo HealthBoost could offer the solution!

Vitamin boost for your horse

Pavo HealthBoost contains a wide range of vitamins, antioxidants and prebiotics, making it a real boost for your horse. The natural vitamin E, in combination with the natural CellProtect antioxidants, provide an even better availability of vitamin E and the neutralisation of the free radicals. Immunity is closely related to a proper functioning of the digestive system. Live yeast is often used as a prebiotic that contributes to a healthy micro flora in the guts. However, research has shown that live yeast loses much of its effectiveness by the processing into a product. This is why Pavo adds ‘Diamond V’ prebiotics to its HealthBoost. Diamond V contains nutrients that are required by healthy gut bacteria, allowing them to thrive. No iron is added, as years of monitoring of the iron levels in roughage have shown that iron is available abundantly. Pavo HealthBoost does not contain wheat, so this supplement is also ideal for horses that are sensitive to gluten.

Pavo HealthBoost is available in an 8 kg bucket.

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