Pavo MuscleBuild 3KG

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About Pavo MuscleBuild

Are you training a young horse and the muscle development lags behind? Or you do have a competition horse and you want to build up more muscle mass? A horse can never develop more muscles because  the quantity is genetically determined. However, muscles can be trained to become thicker. Through training, the muscle cells are activated to store more energy which allows improvement of the performance. Extra nutrients can support this process.

Muscle build-up for your horse

Pavo MuscleBuild contains whey powder, a substance well known in the bodybuilders’ community. Whey powder contains a number of amino acids that are vital for muscle build-up. Amino acids are protein chains that function as building blocks for the muscles. Vitamin D3 helps to prevent muscle fatigue, while L-carnitine is added to improve the energy conversion in the muscle cells. Additionally, Pavo MuscleBuild contains the natural CellProtect antioxidants for neutralizing the free radicals. This product does not contain wheat, so it is gluten-free. Moreover, Pavo MuscleBuild is also doping-free.

Available in a convenient 3 kg bucket.


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