Pavo ReHydrate 1L

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OM Pavo ReHydrate

Horses that are exercised intensively and/or sweat a lot, do not only lose liquids, they also lose body minerals - electrolytes, such as sodium, chloride and potassium. When this is not replenished timely, the horse can become dehydrated and suffer from a negative electrolyte balance, which will result in a loss of energy and lack of willingness to work. Pavo ReHydrate is the ideal concentrated sports drink for horses which ensures an immediate replenishment of electrolytes, liquids and energy, as a result of which your horse will recover faster after strenuous exercise.

Sports drink with electrolytes and glucose

Not only the liquid form of Pavo ReHydrate is unique, but precisely the combination of both electrolytes and a high glucose level ensure this product is the optimum sports drink to help your horse recover quickly from strenuous exercise and/or excessive sweating. The rapid replenishment of electrolytes ensures that the liquid and electrolyte balance is quickly restored. This balance is essential for the proper functioning of normal body functions, such as regulation of the body temperature and circulation.

The glucose in Pavo ReHydrate provides an energy boost and ensures a good absorption of the electrolytes.
For that matter, a well-balanced glucose level stimulates the absorption of liquid and electrolytes by the body, and consequently your horse will be able to convert the provided energy more quickly and use it. Providing Pavo ReHydrate will stimulate the horse’s natural thirst mechanism as a result of which the necessary body fluids will be replenished again.

Various methods of providing Pavo ReHydrate

You can administer Pavo ReHydrate in various ways to your horse, depending on what your horse likes best and how rapidly you need the effects to take place. You can dissolve the formula in drinking water, or add it to the horse’s feed. Does your horse refuse to eat or drink? Then you can also syringe the solution into the horse’s mouth.

  1. Syringing directly into the horse's mouth
  2. Dissolving in drinking water (just stir)
  3. Adding to the feed
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