Pavo Pavo SummerFit

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About Pavo SummerFit

Many horses and ponies require little or no concentrated feed, however, a forage only diet is deficient in the daily requirement of many vitamins and minerals. Pavo SummerFit is a tasty biscuit that provides all the nutrients (equivalent to 2kg of concentrates) lacking in a forage without adding the extra calories of a concentrate feed. A single 150g biscuit per day (half a biscuit for a pony) will provide your horse with all the additional nutrients he needs. SummerFit contains chelated minerals for optimal absorption and is an ideal addition to a forage only diet or as a top up for horses receiving less than the recommended amount of concentrate feed. 

De 5kg package contains 36 biscuits and the 15kg package contains 108 biscuits.  

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