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For healthy joints, bones, ligaments and tendons.

Why PrimeVal Gelatinaat?
For maintaining healthy cartilage, flexible ligaments, tendons and strong bones. It promotes the lubrication of the joints by producing synovial fluid, and thus ensures healthy and resilient cartilage. Moreover, PrimeVal Gelatinaat strengthens your horse’s ligaments and tendons. Crumbling hooves also become strong and healthy once again by using PrimeVal Gelatinaat. It ensures that your horse can remain supple until it reaches an advanced age. PrimeVal Gelatinaat is also an essential supplement in the feed of pregnant mares, growing foals, competition horses and breeding stallions. It is clear that PrimeVal Gelatinaat offers significant support to the veterinarian in treating various joint disorders, bone fractures and tendon injuries.

collagen hydrolysate, minerals, flavouring, collagen type II

Recommended daily dosis:
PrimeVal Gelatinaat can easily be added to horse’ daily food. PrimeVal Gelatinaat is a nutritional supplement that can be used in combination with veterinary medicine and contains no forbidden substances.
Fully grown horse (450-550 kg): 2-3 scoops daily (in work) 1-2 scoops daily (maintenance)
If necessary increase dose to 4 scoops daily

• Large warmbloods keep on 2-3 scoops
• Pony (to 450 kg) 1-2 scoops daily (in work)

1 scoop (maintenance)

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