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This is THE supplement to support the mobility of horses in intensive training and competition. This formula is more powerful than the R-Flex and is the ideal supplement for sport horses or horses with a considerable amount of discomfort. Besides the raw materials used in R-Flex (MSM, glucosamine, chondroitin), we have made this supplement even better when it comes to supporting your sport horse’s needs. The addition of Hyaluronic acid ensures better lubrication of the joint especially when the dose of 120mg/day in 30 ml/day is maintained. Collagen has been added to prevent breakdown of the cartilage. A unique blend of curcuma and honey in R-Flex Sport. This combination is known as a natural antibiotic. In addition, this mixture contains nettle extract to improve blood flow. Minerals such as manganese, zinc and copper (all in glycinate form) and a very powerful anti-oxidant round out the list of ingredients.

Doping free Tested by LCH

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