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This supplement is perfect for preventing stomach ulcers in horses. Stomach ulcers can arise in sport horses, who have a bigger “training load” and are often under more stress. A bigger training load means that these horses often don’t eat for several hours. As a result, the stomach acid is not being buffered by saliva and nutrition. Due to this stress, blood supply is lower which means the stomach wall will be less protected and more sensitive to stomach acid. The main ingredient of this product is sodium bicarbonate. This substance is naturally produced when a horse is eating in the form of saliva. Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acidic stomach content by optimizing the PH level. Clinoptilolite is another important ingredient in this supplement. It is a clay mineral that forms a protective layer on the stomach wall. Clinoptilolite binds to mycotoxins and heavy metals which are two major causes of stomach problems in horses. Clinoptilolite helps prevents these from being absorbed in the intestine. The pectin present in this mixture increase the buffering capacity and optimize the acidity of the stomach contents. R-Gastro Wellness also contains glutamine which is a substance that protects the gastric mucosa. Magnesium oxide ensures the binding of stomach acid in order to neutralize the stomach content. This product is the best choice for preventing stomach ulcers.

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