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This supplement has been developed to support the general health of your horse’s hooves. Methionine and lysine are amino acids found in this supplement that are important to hoof health, especially for the build-up of structural hoof proteins. It is important to have the proper supply of methionine and lysine as the hooves are 90% protein. The lower the protein, the slower hoof growth will be. MSM is included in this supplement because it has a positive effect on the hooves. The horn of the hoof is made up of sulfur-containing keratin. A lack of sulfur can result in poor horn quality but MSM ensures a flexible connection between the cells and the horn tissue. Chelates of zinc, copper and manganese are also included in R-Hoof. Zinc is important for repairing and reconstructing the hoof wall cells. Zinc is an important part of the enzymes that are necessary for the production of keratin and other components that are important for the hoof-function in general and their strength. Manganese ensures the health of the internal structures of the hoof. Copper has an important influence on strength and the outer hoof wall. Biotin is was added because it is an important raw material for the formation of the hoof. We really wanted to make a difference with his supplement. That’s why we decided to work with magnesium citrate (important in fighting laminitis), trisodium phosphate (correct calcium-magnesium-phosphorus ratio), vitamin B5 and vitamin B6 (both important for the formation of new tissue). With this supplement, your horse’s hooves are in good hands.

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