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This supplement has been specially developed to replenish the loss of moisture through sweat in the correct way. Sodium plays an important role in moisture management. Chlorides are present in this mixture (sodium chloride, potassium chloride and calcium chloride). These are very important because a sweating horse loses a lot of chlorides. Chlorides attract positive ions such as sodium and potassium. It regulates the acid/ base balance in the body. Potassium is used in the form of potassium chloride. It is important in maintaining cell pressure and has, together with sodium, an effect on the nerve and muscle function. Calcium, in the form of calcium chloride, plays an important role in muscle contractions. This mixture also contains two important pillars that make this it even more unique. The first of those two pillars is Betaine. It is important for the nervous system and is also important for the synthesis of carnitine which will influence your horse’s endurance capacity. The second pillar is the addition of zinc, copper and manganese in the form of glycinates.

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