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Silicium is the second most common element in the world (making up 27%of the Earth’s crust). It is an elementary building block in all rocks and minerals, but it is also an important nutrient for humans and animals. The two main benefits of silicium are skin health and bone health. Focusing on bone health for a moment, it is important to note that silicium is needed to synthesize collagen. It actually has a dual function: it preserves the structure of connective tissue fibers and stimulates cell division for the production of new connective tissues. This means it is very important for the bones, tendons, cartilage, ligaments, as well as other connective tissues.
What makes it so important? Animals and humans are born with plenty of silicium in their bodies, but as they get older, the concentration of silicium decreases. That is why older horses suffer more from osteoarthritis. The aim is, therefore, to bring silicium levels back up. This can be done by giving horses R-Silicium. What distinguishes this silicium from others on the market? Many use the mineral silicium of which only 0-1% of it can be absorbed by the body. However, R-Silicium is a bio-activated monomer that has been rendered completely stable in a patented process. It has an absorption rate of 21-47 % which is the highest available on the market.

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