Sand Clear 2kg

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A very common but unpleasant situation in horses, is the accumulation of sand in the gut. Especially in cases where horses are often in paddocks (or paddock paradise), bare fields, or during a dry summer, horses can take up more sand than desired. However, sand can also be taken in when the horse is in full green pastures, or through roughage. In any case, it is therefore important to regularly support sand removal from the gut.

Psyllium husk

Psyllium husk is a proven ingredient used to support removal of sand from the gut. When the psyllium husks come in to contact with intestinal fluid, it becomes a sticky gel. This gel attracts sand and dirt and transfers it out of the gut.

Complete approach with extra prebiotics

Sand in the gut can negatively affect digestion. Pavo SandClear not only helps to remove sand, but it is also enriched with prebiotics and other ingredients that support a healthy digestion.

The prebiotics provide nutrition to the microflora and promote growth of good bacteria in the gut. Another valuable ingredient is barley grass, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and has a positive effect on gut immunity. Additionally, it helps with clearing accumulated toxins from the gastrointestinal tract. The oregano oil in Pavo SandClear has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, supporting a healthy microflora.

Tips to clear that sand

We advise to test the manure of your horse monthly for the presence of sand. It’s important to repeat a manure test three to four days in a row for a trustworthy result. One good result is no guarantee for a sand-free gut.

When you have doubts about the health of your horse, always contact your veterinarian.

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