Cavalor Electrolyte Balance

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Cavalor Electrolyte Balance

Electrolyte Balance van Cavalor is a tasty mixture of electrolytes and quickly absorbable vitamins, in powder form. Cavalor Electroliq Balance is also available in liquid form to facilitate feeding. This nutritional supplement contributes to fitness and helps speed up recovery after exertion.

Key Features

During extreme physical exertion, heavy work or high temperatures electrolytes are lost through excessive sweating. It is essential to restore the normal electrolyte balance afterwards. For optimal recovery of the horse's body after heavy exertion, it is advisable to feed the electrolytes within an hour after performance. The horse will stay fit for longer, recover faster and be able to better withstand longer periods of intensive training, competitions and transport.


  • Ponies and recreation horses: 30g per day
  • Sport horses: 45g per day
  • Maximum dose: 100g per day


800g pot and 5kg bucket.


Cavalor Electrolyte Balance contains various essential electrolytes (including sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium and calcium) and important B-vitamins. Other ingredients include essential amino acids and sugars (dextrose), which provide energy and stimulate the absorption of electrolytes.

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