Cavalor Emergency 911 box 6 injectors

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Cavalor Emergency 911

Cavalor Emergency 911 is a fast working and easily digestible paste, specially made to combat the first symptoms of colic and to support the digestive system during transport. It helps manage symptoms associated with colic in horses by supporting the intestinal microflora and the digestive system. Cavalor Emergency 911 contains prebiotics that promote good bacteria in the intestines.

Key Features

  • Helps promote relaxation in cases of poor intestinal flora
  • Helps manage the first symptoms of colic
  • Supports digestion during transport
  • Contains prebiotics
  • Fast removal of waste substances
  • Supports the digestive system of horses with chronic intestinal problems


  • Acute symptoms: one to two tubes per day
  • Preventive: 0.5 to one tube per day
  • Maximum dosage: three tubes per day.


Box 6 injectors

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