Cavalor Hyppolac

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Cavalor Hyppolac

Cavalor Hyppolac is a complete replacement of mother's milk developed for motherless foals. It can be used as a supplement if the foal does not get sufficient mother's milk and can be given during the weaning process. The supplement can also be used if the mother animal's milk is of poor quality. Cavalor Hyppolac stimulates the foal's healthy development. Cavalor Hyppolac can be given in combination with Cavalor Colostra 24, suitable for weaker foals and preventively to give the foal an optimal start.

Key features

  • Complete mother's milk replacement
  • Stimulates a healthy development of the foal
  • High content of easily digestible proteins
  • Can also be used in older horses that are losing weight


Feeding bottle with 150 g/L, water 40°C, a detailed schedule is printed on the label. For older horses that are losing weight, 0.5 kg can be mixed with their ration daily.


10 kg bag


Cavalor Hyppolac is an energy-rich milk replacement that contains Vitamins A, D3, E and C as well as calcium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, selenium, lysine, methioonine and other essential amino acids.

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