Equistro Respadril 250 ml

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The extensively researched plants contained in RESPADRIL are known for
their respiratory tract virtues. The aromatic escences and plant extracts can
aid respiratory comfort allowing the horse to feed normally. Ground Ivy,
Hyssop and Mullein support the natural self-cleansing process and mucus
formation in the upper and lower respiratory tract. Oregano, Pine and
Eucalyptus aid the resistance and natural regeneration of the respiratory
Copper is a biological antioxidant and in RESPADRIL it is bound to amino
acids, which ensure rapid assimilation.


Sugar, 1,2 Propanediol. Additives/Kg: Composed of trace elements; Copper as Cupric chloride
dihydrate (E4) 800 mg. Aromatic substances: Verbascum thapsiforme (mullein) extract 40000
mg, Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) extract 40000 mg, Glechoma hederacea (ground ivy) extract
20000 mg, Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) extract 20000 mg, Essential Eucalyptus oil 12000 mg,

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