Kick Start

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Young foals phase quite some challenges in the first weeks of life. Especially the development of the immune system and a healthy digestion are extremely important. Therefore Pavo KickStart is the essential support for a healthy start in life.

Disease fighters

When a foal is born it has a very limited immune system. The intake of colostrum is essential as colostrum contains immunoglobins, which are anti-bodies, so actually disease fighters . The intake of colostrum with the immunoglobulins is important in the first hours, since these develop the passive immune system of the foal before developing the active immunity in the first weeks of life. However, the amount of immunoglobins varies greatly per mare and studies even show that 30% of all mares have too low levels of immunoglobins. Too low levels increase susceptibility of the foal to illnesses. As Pavo KickStart contains colostrum powder, it’s a great source of immunoglobulins. As a result, the foal is provided with enough anti-bodies to fight against invading pathogens and bacteria.

Healthy gut, healthy foal

Just like with the immune system, the intestinal flora is not properly developed yet when the foal is born. During the first weeks of life the intestinal flora will develop, unless it gets disturbed by pathogens that enter the gut (for example because the foal ate the mares manure). In order to enable development of a healthy intestinal flora, these pathogens need to be attacked by the immune system. If the immune system is not able to protect the intestines well enough, pathogens and negative bacteria can become dominant which may lead to negative long term consequences. In addition to the colostrum powder that supports the immune system, Pavo KickStart contains yeast (modified yeast cell walls). This yeast offers multiple advantages as it binds to pathogens, which is an essential step in order for the immune system to recognize the pathogens, and start attacking them. Additionally, it stimulates the immune system and effects the immunization in the gut which can help to prevent diarrhoea.

Energy & vitamins

Besides the immune and digestive system, all different kind of metabolic processes need to start working. Pavo KickStart ensures that sufficient nutrients are present for steady development. In addition, Pavo KickStart also contains some extra energy, because growing is hard work!

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