Pavo SOS Kit

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Important characteristics

The S.O.S. Kit contains:

Pavo Colostrum - (2 bags of 150g):

  • Provides the newborn foal with protective antibodies against infection
  • Essential for resistance in the first 48 hours

Pavo FoalMilk -  (1 bag of 1500g)

  • Geared to the specific composition of mare’s milk
  • Feeding bottle with teat (1x)

Inclusive a comprehensive manual.



  • Use the Pavo S.O.S. kit immediately after the birth of the foal if there are problems with the mare's milk supply (preferably within the first 3 hours, no later than 12 hours after birth).
  • To be absolutely safe, request a complete health check of your foal by your vet within 24 hours of birth.
  • We recommend heating the milk or keeping the milk warm "au bain marie". The "au bain marie" method is heating something in or above warm water. Take a large pan or bowl with a minimum content of 1liter and put this in or above a larger pan with hot water. The "au bain marie" method prevents curdling or scorching.
  • Neveuse the microwave to warm Pavo Colostrum. The anti-bodies in the colostrum can loose their protective qualities because of high temperatures. It is okay to warm the Pavo FoalMilk in a microwave.


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