Pavo Gut Health 7,5 KG

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About Pavo GutHealth

By nature horses have a very sensitive gastrointestinal tract. This means that a change in its diet, for example when your horse is turned out on grass again, can lead to digestive problems. Stress, moving to another stable, or an operation can also cause such problems. Digestive problems are connected to an imbalance of the gut bacteria, as a result of which your horse cannot optimally digest its feed. This can lead to irritation of the mucous membranes, runny faeces, diarrhoea, stomach issues and colic.

Pavo GutHealth supports a stable gut function

Pavo GutHealth has especially been developed to optimally support your horse’s digestion by bringing back the balance in the population of bacteria. The 100% natural ingredients ensure that all healthy bacteria in the small and large intestines are maximally supported and the bad bacteria can no longer cause damage.

Pavo GutHealth ingredients explained

Pavo GutHealth contains, among other things, apple pomace and beet pulp, which have water-binding properties and protect the stomach lining. Apple pomace and beet pulp both contain pectin which provides the lining with a protective gel layer. Barley grass is full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which ensure a positive effect on the immunity of the intestines. Nettle is known for its blood-purifying effect. Recent research has shown that nettle also prevents infections.

The oregano oil in Pavo GutHealth has been added because of its antibacterial effects. And as a tasty added benefit: thanks to the oregano, the pellets smell deliciously of the Italian cuisine! And to support the total gut health even more, a pre-mix including Diamond V and inulin has been added. Both these substances are prebiotics, which help maintain the balance between the positive and negative bacteria in the guts. Inulin is really special as it can only be broken down by some groups of gut bacteria - and not by the horse. As a result, all the nutrients are available to the bacteria and nothing is lost.

Finally, Pavo GutHealth contains the unique CellProtect antioxidants which catch and neutralise all the free radicals in the horse’s body. Free radicals are aggressive molecules which can damage cells and tissue.

Combined, all these ingredients will help your horse to get a stable population of bacteria in its intestines and with that, a healthy digestion!

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