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Every horse lover knows that the digestive system of our beloved animal is very fragile. This supplement is specially designed to stimulate the intestinal flora of the horse, to strengthen its immunity, and for general resistance. The supplement contains a very high amount of fructooligosaccharides (FOS).These FOS’s are a food source for the good bacteria in the large intestine. They stimulate the production of butyric acid which is the perfect food source for the intestinal wall. This greatly increases the absorption of the nutrients. Butyric acid is added to this mixture in the form of a tributyrin. This supplement is an important source of energy for the intestinal cells. The better the cells work, the more efficiently nutrients will be absorbed and unwanted substances can be stopped. Besides FOS, this mixture also contains mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) which are important for controlling the intestinal flora. The addition of fulvic acid is important for eliminating toxins and heavy metals as they have a very demanding effect on the horse’s intestines. The living yeasts present in R-Gut Wellness ensure the proper digestion of fiber in the large intestine. This is important because sport horses have limited time to eat their food due to the amount of time they spend training and they can absorb it too quickly. The result of this can be starch getting into the blind intestine which will disturb the natural function. The living yeasts will prevent this problem. Finally, threonine was added to aid in building up the intestinal mucosa. This mucus layer will protect the intestine against pathogens and other unwanted substances. R-Gut Wellness is very extensive and perfectly balanced to ensure the intestinal health of your horse.

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